Wednesday, 8 February 2012

2nd blog

hello everyone again,

i would just like to inform you that i have created a second is not horse related(even  though some might,but in art form)
 will be about me and my art and becoming a better artist..sorta similar to my riding journey,but art instead of riding.
will be still doing the riding blog when i can.
just signed on this blog, so just one entry done.having some issues already about how to post pics on my blog(which was sorta the whole point).so i messaged customer service on blog about it,hopefully with have that worked out this week.depending on when they reply back on my inquiry
anyways if you would also like to follow my second love which is art go to

attention to new followers

hello to all my new followers.for some strange reason i could not pm you on my followers list,so i am using a blog post to do so.
when i have new followers i always like to send a message saying thank yous and enjoy basically that's what im doing

thank you for becoming a follower on my blog called "my riding journey" and hope you enjoy your stay and reader of my posts.

another new adventure for the both of us.

after a long time of not blogging,i finally have something to blog about.

i have had doran at home for quite a while and for a while has enjoyed it back home,but with not having much area to do much with him and no other horses in sight he is getting very bored and such.
i have decided to move him once  will bring him some pasture/barn buddies to talk to,place to run and just be a horse.for me it will bring a place to actually ride and train him,have lessons and just a sense of being in the horse seen again.i'm not going to some big extravagant place,but anything is fine at this point,just to even enjoy riding and stuff again. as all my horsey followers know that takes a bit chunk out of the old pockets.yikes! its going to cost me 600.00 a month.but includes some training help and lessons
its a big difference in cost,compared to 200.00 max when he's at home.
but i think it will all be worth it.I HOPE.
this will be boarding him till my pasture and arena are put up here at home which won't be till summer/fall time.
 im sure i have blogged about before.
that is all the updating i have for right now.
here he is in his snowy paddock this winter