Monday, 7 November 2011

pictures of new halter from b-day

this one above i posted just, cuz i like the way he's posing/standing


  1. Oh, wow! I really like the first picture (with the greenery in the background). He looks so dramatic and regal!! And such a cute halter :) Similar in colour to what I got for Bo (except Bo's has black on it instead of sparklies). Doesn't that colour look good on Doran? It definitely suits him!

  2. thanx..i got it back in sept.finally took pics and posted them..i know i like bo's halter and blanket too.looks good on bo.

  3. He looks gentle and easy to tame. Thanks for posting these pictures.

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  4. thanx jamie. he was very easy to tame and start.just like his mother(rip shadow)
    YW..i will soon have pics of me riding him,just as soon as my brain will remember to bring