Monday, 7 November 2011

first time in side reins

had doran in side reins for frst time on saturday.
he did better then i thought he would.he was feeling especially fresh in the cold weather and he defenately wasn't afraid to show i was expecting a bit of a resistent nature when it came to putting them on,so when jen(my instructor) came i told her he was a bit of a jacka$$ today and would like to take it a bit slower as it was something new to him and the way he was acting.
i did do some free lunging and such to get him listening before she came as i hadn't done anything with him for a while,which could also mplay a role in his behavior.he's one of those horses that if you don't do any riding/training for a while and then do one day he is a bit of a handle full for a bit.
but he settled down after a while and was ready to go.started on a very loose side rein and was going well with out any roadblocks,so we hiked it up a couple holes,that went well to and this reapeated until we had a pretty good contact on the side reins.
he was somewhat confused at what to think about these side reins on him,but excepted them. he would collect then loose it,then cllect then loose it.his balance has something to do with that,but thats the reason we started him in them in the first place to teach/help him with it,without me on his back.
jen did most of the lunging and i just kept behind her and once in a while i would ask her simple questions and what she was trying to get him to do.
i have a lesson again tomorrow and that is if it doesn't rain any harder. good grieve i dislike cold rainy seasons doesn't make training very enjoyable..still looking for affordable winter board...but not getting very far in this economy."sigh"

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