Tuesday, 22 May 2012

making strides

wow has it been a looong time since i have posted(feb 2012).alot has happened since if any of you followers are still following..a big thank you too u:)
my horse is still getting moved back and forth between home and local stables.i have been in a higher end h/j stable,that didn't came home again,then moved to a rescue that is known around my neck of the wood and after a couple months,that didn't work was home again and now presently i had moved my horse to a ranch with a b& is wonderful there,very quiet as it is up higher in the mountains,property owner is great and the horses horse is well looked after.finally everything is going great.i have actually been riding doran quite consistently here and making strides in his training"finally".we even had our first canter this week and is the smoothest canter i have ever know the horse AD terminology(has rocking horse canter).he is doing well for a first time.can only go one and a half times around before he and i crap out,but that will improve with fitness and time(me and him).just for fun we also just popped over a very small cross rail no bigger then a cavelleti. i was proud of him as he didn't even hesitate.and take into account this is also bareback.but i wasn't expecting him to persay. as he is a natural jumper and seems to love it.i was proud of him with all the progress he has done in a very short time.
we are going to leave jumping off for a while though, as i would like the flatwork to be more improved/solid as i think the jump training will come all that much easier and smoother,as most of you fellow h/j riders know.
as far as the flatwork goes he is still have some balance issues,especially around the arena corners.bulges his shoulder out when going around corners.i have tried lots of thing to correct it with all the training i have will allow.still haven't hit the right button yet and now contemplating going back to long lining and seeing if that works or just keep up trying/time correcting it undersaddle...what do you think?(comment with your thoughts and suggestions)
Doran is also celebrating his birthday a may 22/2007 model and is given a gift of a day off.enjoy it well doran as its back to work this weekend.

thats it for now,stay tuned for more updated.trying to now be more consistent on blogging as things are finally progressing.

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