Sunday, 27 May 2012

the easy going ride

today was a good ride.had mom be my lunge'r while i did stretching and relaxing exercises while i was mounted.with my hiatus i had, i have reverted back to my uncoordinated beginner days(yuck) and both me and mom thinking it was time to get some lunging while mounted miles in to relax and ride like i was before and  think more about what i am doing .of course it is a lil more harder on my green bean then a made horse,but he was a good boy and looked after me.
then mom got tired after a while and i went out on my own ,it was just a walking schooling day and did some lateral work to try to fix his problem of bulging his shoulder out/leaning to inside on the right rein.i have tried most things that i could think of to fix came up with the idea of using my dressage whip pointing towards his side of his face and while using my leg aids to just wave it by his face to keep him from over bending and come more into my inside rein , it may not be the most conventional,or pretty but it worked none the less,of course i didn't use it on his face,just a reminder to keep his head and neck straight and it seemed to fix the bulging shoulder problem,i think after some consistency of doing that he will get the connection of keeping himself straighter.we'll see how it goes.
ended the schooling with a run from the end of arena to the other,well not a run exactly..more like a awkward  forward canter.but wanted to end on something not so stressful and was fun  for him.

would like to add :its great i finally have a arena to work him more consistently.
found out this week my property will be done this summer and will finally have an arena and pasture here at home:)

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