Tuesday, 25 October 2011

the one sided horse lesson

as my topic says i have a young horse that has a hard time bending on the right rein.   .lesson went fairly well.. working on keeping a holding outside rein, to keep him from bulging his shoulder out and a give and release with my inside,but my outside as well to keep his head from looking to the outside of the circle, when he gives. my leg cues are less to be desired, as they have become a weak leg over time,so it takes alot of leg for me to keep him forward and bend around me...i did get a few strides here and there when i had it all together.
half way through the lesson i had jen(my instructor) get on him,as i am a visual type rider to not only school him a bit,but also to get an idea of what i need to be doing more or less of. she really had to get after him to get him  forward off the leg,which was no surprise to got better after a while though..we ended on the lesson where he was soft on the aids and giving more on his off side
next lesson we have a plan to start him in some side reins on the lungeline to help him get the idea of what we are asking him to do. then convert that to under saddle.
got some riding homework to do over the next few days. weather permitting :(...rain,rain,rain for the rest of the week.

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