Wednesday, 21 September 2011

learning together

as a re rider with a green horse can be work and more then i thought.i am trying to find my balance and co ordination again as it apparently has gone into the oblivion at some very frustrating as i feel i am holding not only myself but my horse as well back.
i had started doran in a eggbutt snaffle w/ copper roller and have for a while now, felt like it wasn't working for him,so today i switched to a d ring snaffle just for curiosity,i actually wanted to put him in a regular snaffle,just another thing that has disappeared into thin air..".those darn barn gremlins are at it again". he seems to like it a little better.doesn't chomp on bit as much and responds a little better to it.or to put it another way as much as can be expected out of a greenie.
did some walk /trot trying to keep rhythm with good balance.apparently that was to much to ask out of this out of shape body of mine.ugh!
 mom put me on lunge line and did some no hand and no stirrup work to help me with my failing EQ.while trying to teach doran somethings at same time. doran has become really,really lazy so what we worked on was keeping more forward in walk and trot. him being slow can only be blamed by myself as i trained him to be slower in his gaits,cuz i like a horse i don't have to constantly slow down or hold back,but he went over board with the don't go too fast method and now regretting doing that method. i am at a point of going against my strong beliefs and getting some mild spurs.yikes..NEVER had to use them since my 4h yrs on a leased horse.never my own.but if that's what going to work then thats what i have to do.simple as that!
mooving over is a hard thing for him to grasp as well. not quite clicking in his brain. finally got him to do it by me putting my leg on and move on the ground tapping with the whip behind my leg right away.
backing up is getting better not putting his head up as much,which is nice.
at this point me and my horse are learning together,just like i did with his mother.
thank you to my horse for trying the best he can.even when things get frustrating for him too and not making me eat dirt lol.or in this case right now its very hard gravel..OUCH

ended on  where i could walk trot nicely in one round both directions,gave him a pat and a treat and start the whole process again next ride when weather co operates.

thanx to the people who are following my blog.

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