Thursday, 29 September 2011

The search is over

as you previously read i was on a search for a coach to bring me and doran along on our much awaited journey to eventually be in the hunter ring..
well just as the title says "the search is over" . I  have found a coach.
she came well prepared and professional when she arrived and had a very open personality at first impression.loved it! as i am not into hard people.. sorry didn't know how else to word first meet seemed to click right away.
before she arrived i had lunged doran and had his attention as he is a pro at it.  though he was a bit goofy at times,but was generally himself. I started to tack up..i hadn't gotten my saddle on yet by the time she came here.did apologize for that, as most coaches prefer you be saddled and mounted by the time your lesson is scheduled.she seemed okay with that, as it was our first day with her.i try my best to be professional about things too,shows you mean business and up to learning and not wasting their time.
coach was very good at explaining things(which in my world need alot of these days to understand what i am looking for and how to correct things when they come up.she was very open to answering my questions i had while things were going along.she took to doran as far as compliments go about him.she said he was very good looking and for good for such a green horse.
all together she had most attributes i was looking for in a coach. yaaaay.
lesson was only half hour long as doran doesn't need any longer at this point at his level of learning.
lesson consisted of just getting him to keep his pace at walk and trot without having to use so much leg work.legs are a bit sore.ouch!, and some turns on the forehand.
doran had his baby stubborn moments when asked to go forward but didn't go as far as just some head fussing and a very small hop in the hind end and eventually stopped when he knew he wasn't going to get away with it and just focused on keeping him forward and attentive..
i got off as she asked if she could hop on him,just wanting to get a feel of what i am working with and she asked for turns of the forehand too. she just did a couple rounds and then lesson was over.
got some homework on first day to keep my head up(seems to work better when i am..go figure!),work some more on groundwork,and just be consistent on riding more(rain or shine),keep at what im doing and i'll be fine.
had very nice chat afterwards and look forward to next lesson on tuesday the 4th of october.

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  1. Yeay! I'm glad you clicked with your new instructor :D