Saturday, 22 October 2011

an evening in horsey heaven

today was the first day of the yearly event called "the mane event" as i find myself (and my mother) going, to our first time to this big thing, i am quite excited to see what's in-store for me at this event,.that others get so excited i see why people are surprised that i hadn't been yet,and why they called it horsey heaven. it was literally wall to wall booths of everything imaginable anywhere from halters to equine nutrition and abroad.. i didn't even know where to start first.well put it this way it was a very easy event to spend thousands of $$$$$$$.i eventually walk out with a thin, but informative book called"lessons in horsemastership" by goerge morris and others, from Hcbc bookstore section and a order for some new stirrup leathers from abby saddle what big spree i had(sarcasm)
i also got to watch the clinic of Bernie Traurig 1hr and a half of good instruction and information.flatwork and some jumping with a mix of int-adv riders doing a school over small fences/ gymnastics roughly 2'6 and will be going tomorrow morning.i will not be able to attend the other 2 days:(, so will be missing out on the conclusion of the clinic so can't blog much about the rest of the this time i am wishing my payday came sooner.

in all.. i really enjoyed my evening out with my mother and has given me a bit of a push to get doran going more and excited for the future.i will MAYBE having some good oppurtunities and changes coming up this winter stay tuned :) as it is still in the planning stages.

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