Wednesday, 19 October 2011

shopping spree at tack store

You know those times where you go to buy one thing in a store and come out with more then originally planned , then shutter to think how much you actually spent..well i spent over a $100.00 today at tack original plan was to just get a dressage whip, as i foolishly left my other one to close to the fence and my "mouthy" horse got to is now a thin stick with a white handle.anyways i did buy a dressage whip and a nice one too,for a good price of $15.00.
then i started to think about the rainy/snowy months and wishing i had a blanket for him and again foolishly asked if there were any blankets on sale.not actually seriously wanting to buy one right now,but i broke down and did.i walked away with a 600 danier(sp?) 78"weatherbetta turnout, that's hunter green with silver piping.for the "huge"price of $89.00.
it wasn't as heavy as i would of liked but i figured if he needs more warmth in winter i will either spree agin and get an under sheet or just through a  wool cooler of some sort and just get a blanket surcingle.which i already have in my myriad of horse equipment.
will be taking some picks of what i got,will post them when i do.
other half of my money will be spent at the mane event this weekend.but will be a bit more restricted at what i can get as i have 90$ left in my budget.oh well better then going with nil, right?

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