Tuesday, 4 October 2011

horses are the best teacher's young or old

my prayers were answered, as the rain held off for my much anticipated lesson.yay.
today's lesson consisted of some challenges for me and doran,but i like a challenge as i feel it makes me not only a better rider,but gets me that much closer to where i wanna be  those challenges come with their own set of challenges to. explain this in a minute. :)

the 2 seeming simple exercises that i used to do hundred times over before  have become increasing hard as i am not as fit, as i was . and also struggling trying to get my riding skills back e.g riding posture as one of them.anyways the first exercise was to keep doran at the trot around my very small round pen and cut across and change direction,then another round and then change direction again cutting across.
as i was thinking so much about keeping doran going,keeping head up,heels down  sit up etc that i would not only poop out before i would get there,but would then miss my turn and quickly realize i had and not do such a smooth turn as expected..ugh. its amazing how much i have lost over the 3 yrs i haven't been riding. doran was doing well except thinking there was horse eating people by the car that was parked by the fence.would bulge in by the fence."geez doran if my riding area wasn't small enough".
2nd exercise was the inevitable 2 point at trot.yet again simple exercise of going 3 trips around without loosing 2 point.wasn't happening today.i think i got one round..
definitely have homework to do..even with all my struggles and both of us learning,doran has been trying his heart out and is doing very well.think he is even learning fast then i am,if horses could speak"i would say wait for me".we ended on a good note,and gave doran a big pat and hug.
its hard to believe previous barn i was at called this horse dangerous! he is doing just the opposite and is teaching me things.

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