Sunday, 2 October 2011

practice makes perfect!

 today was practice ride day.. for what i got given for homework from Thursday's lesson. so this is what i did

-walk/trot keeping even forward pace
-halt transitions from walk and trot -remembering to keep my upper body from tipping forward,(still trying to
work on getting my balance back)
-turn on the forehand-  getting doran to respond more easily to inside to outside aids, found i had to use taps of my whip a few times here and there and exaggerated my opening direct rein to get doran to understand what,when  and where i want him to go.
all done in both directions.
planning on riding tommorow so it is fresh  for tuesday. even if its raining,will be interesting as i haven't ridden him in rain yet.

on a different note still find myself getting frustrated at the fact i am having troubles with my equitation and co-ordination in my riding from my hiatus....i mean i am a rider who used to ride/ train not only her own,but i would ride/train other's horses and school the schoolhorses to keep them in shape and such.i used to ride atleast 4-5 horses a day and ride without a second thought whether my eyes are up,heels are down or whether my body is keeping in rhythm or i am having to remember or check myself on those all over again.
have other people behind me it will come back with practice and not be so hard on myself.."the perfectionist in me says otherwise"..all i can do is keep my chin high sort of speak and just keep practicing.

overall a good ride and look forward to lesson on tuesday.

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