Thursday, 6 October 2011

i will try to keep this one short and sweet.
nother schooling day with doran is doing wonderful..he is learning really i got him to:

turn on the forehand both direction w/o halt in between,is getting idea of what leg pressure is. i was proud of him

the others are getting better,but still need work on account of me:
but kept him going around in trot in 2 point,,even got 2 strides of canter without asking, but thats okay.didn't get after him for that as i don't want him thinking cantering is wrong.
i got about 2 solid round without poopin out.  next goal: 3  :)
turning across centerlines-still needs work.

just to let my followers know i am trying to do all this in a approx 15m circle on uneven ground and slope..its harder then you think..if i wish apon a star for an arena,do you think ill get one the next morning?.
we'll just have to see what happens in my lesson tomorrow

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