Monday, 17 October 2011


"patience is a virtue" and is sure being tested alot .as a re- rider i am still battling my riding still while i am riding doran and he is being a good boy through all of it and find myself a bit frustrated by the end of the ride,even when nothing went terribly mother and instructor basically say have patience it will come back and just keep practicing. 
secondly like i have said in my previous blog posts is i am being so patient to when i have a arena,which in this case will not be till summer of next yr.riding in a 15 m circle can be quite tough, when there is so much restricted on what you can do in that small of an area.but i try my best to make do.have asked new coach about possibly doing trailer in's through the winter to be able to have opportunity to have arena to ride in and see what doran has to offer in a bigger area ,as i find he restricts his movement in my current "riding arena" (or lack there of).doran can be quite a handful at new/busy places, so will see how it works out.will be good for him anyways as i want to eventually show will be a experience to put to use.
now to my update on my riding progress, i am done have had a couple lessons and practice since i last posted and have been going fairly well as can be expected. lessons are working on the same things i have previously posted,keeping going on changes of direction,walk and trot transitions,halts(which he does perfectly),responsiveness to leg aids(still needs work)and getting doran to except more contact,does figit more but after a while seems okay with more in hand,but keeping soft at same on me is still the same eyes up,heels down,body not so far forward,etc. so not much has changed..lessons have been only 30min as we tire out pretty quickly:(  .augh where did my 15 yrs of riding go!! and yet am told i don't look like im struggling up there..go figure.
my newest news is that i will be attending the mane event in chilliwack bc next weekend that is put on every yr that have lots of vendors and clinics..will be my first time going and am excited to go watch bernie traurig(jumping)clinic portion of the event. any of my US followers should know hoping to learn lots from watching the clnic for the 21-23rd of the event. not that often that us canadian riders get BNT from US come to canada..i wish i could of ridin' in it..but oh well nother time.
p.s also planning some nice winter pampering for my horse this if anyone wants to post some interesting ideas  in the comments ,,plz do:)

well anyways hope to have more interesting updates next blog post and 
hope everyone else is having good times with their horses too.

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